Studio Obris


Project year: 2019 – 2020  – Preliminary, main and detailed design – project under construction

Client: Ministry of demography, family, youth and social policy

Area: 1750 sqm

The existing building “Home for the Education of Children and Youth” in Zadar is being converted into a “Center for Social Care” with a family center through the reconstruction project.

The building has 2 volumes – the existing building and the annex. In annex is formed a new main entrance for users of the Center for Social Welfare from the northern side. In addition to the northern entrance, was created a kitchen for delivery to external users, while the entrance to the family center was made from the southern side. In front of each of the entrances, an access square with greenery has been formed for the relaxation of the users.

According to the project assignment of the Client, it was necessary to accommodate a number of office spaces and professional services with accompanying facilities in the Center building – different areas of the Center which are currently located in several locations in the City of Zadar.

The project also tried to preserve the structure of the existing building as much as possible with the introduction of modern materials along with elements of energy efficient and sustainable construction and the use of renewable energy sources.

The project was financed with EU funds and is currently in the implementation phase.