Studio Obris



The connection between the Catholic Church and the development of education in Croatia has a rich tradition, and is continued by the construction of the Catholic primary school in Slavonski Brod. The elementary school will be located in the settlement Zrinski – Frankopan and extends horizontally in space as well as the morphology of the settlement. The project creates a complex of rich, differentiated, open and closed micro-ambients.

There have been generated series of attractive environments for learning and recreation, work and fun, togetherness and socialization in which children grow, develop skills and gain knowledge about life and the world through learning, play and joy.

The school is conceived as a composition of two connected/separated volumes (school building and two-part sports hall) and outdoor sports fields and other outdoor surfaces intended for different functions (square, park, yard, internal street, parking lot, etc.). On the plot, which has the shape of the letter “L”, the buildings are located in the southern part, while the outdoor sports fields are located in the northern part of the plot. The two-story volume with the main entrance to the school is directly connected to the square on the southwest side of the plot, while the half-buried sports hall is positioned east of the school building. In the middle of the school volume there is an atrium in the function of the school yard. Between the school and the hall (which are connected at the basement level) on the ground floor there is an outdoor area for various activities. Around and behind the hall, there are park areas for education at ouside or games and relaxation, and to the north of it are outdoor sports fields.

The school is composed of three functional units  which can function independently if necessary. The materials, technologies and constructions used contribute to the safe and comfortable use of school spaces, both indoor and outdoor.