Studio Obris


2018 – conceptual design

Investor: Kutjevo d.d.

The main building of the winery is located next to the parish church in Kutjevo, near the Turković castle. The building was built on the grounds of old cellars (a medieval cellar from 1232 and a cellar from 1898).  Several unsuccessful reconstructions and renovations of the old cellars have been made over time.

Tourist and representative offer with two old cellars as the central attraction of the tour of the winery was designed like a simple concept of passing through the premises of the winery because the current situation was not adequate for the presentation.

Renovation of old cellars would include floors, walls and installations. The space would be remodeled with an attractive entrance hall with a tasting room, a counter for direct purchase of products and the necessary toilets for visitors. It would also modernize the wine vault space in the cellar from 1898.

In the conceptual design it s planned the use of modern materials and it would eventually result in a modern expression of the entire interior space. Such an approach merges through the leit motif of interior elements and the design of the facade, and creates a visual identity of the entire building that will ultimately position the company in Požega-Slavonia County as a leading tourist destination.