Studio Obris

Lanište day CARE CENTRE in Zagreb

2004 – Competition Entry

Area: 2.400,00 sqm


The day care as a motif of children’s environment, but not only as a place separated from the outside, but as an idea of a gradual linking of the outside, the world of the grown-ups, with the inside, the world of children, through the thematic door, not the fence.

The day care centre is a pavilion type structure (the day care centre is not a single house, but a group of houses) crossed by an unobstructed longitudinal axis (roofed pasarela – walkway) serving four main entrances – motif of the house and the street. The urbanity of the surrounding areas, which is still inconclusive, appears in the theme of the day care centre. An access square formed in the northern part of the plot actually arises from the surrounding area and imposes with its openness the connection with the south part of the neighbouring public area as well as with a possible significance of the crossing on the west. This square intentionally draws in passers-by both visually and physically, and creates urban “emptiness” in the matrix which is yet to be developed. At the same time, a new “children’s square” arises diagonally on the south side of the plot.

A child does not enter the building of the day care centre but rather enters the “children’s settlement” through the “street”, which peripherally connects the two “squares”.