Studio Obris


2017 – 2018 – Preliminary, main and detailed design

Investor: Kanfanar municipality

The remains of the archeological site Dvigrad present a very well preserved typical city with a citadel, which has continuously been archeologicaly researched, but the city walls are unsafe, and the remains aren’t presented well to the visitors.

An educational story of the archeological site was devised trough the analysis of the urban remains. In the conceptual design, a route for the walking path  through the park is proposed. Through the graphical analysis of the remains, the points od intervention are proposed as well, to secure the passage and to present the site.

The tour of the city is devised through different themes. Every theme has its own specific features, but is a part of the composition of the archeologiacl park – from the city entrance by the lower city wall, to the main city square by the basilica, through the residnetial and manufactural district, to the watch tower, over the city walls and out of the city. Spatial interventions presenting the former way of life are put along the walking path, such as the presentation of a house next to the basilica, or climbing up the tower to a lookout of the city.

The beginning and ending of the  city tour is planned in a small acompanying building (info center), located by the outer medieval city walls. The building, as well as the interventions inside the site, is designed as a light prefabricated structure, made of contemporary materials, to make a clear distinction between the historical city and the modern interventions.