Studio Obris


2015 – Preliminary design

Investor: Podravka d.d.

Area: 320,00 sqm

The existing atrium is located in the center of the „Podravka“ Research and development institute building. The floor plan is regular and ortogonal, and the space extends through the height of three floors. However, the space is not used functionally and it is dark due to the tall vegetation inside.

The goal of this reconstruction is the adaptation of the existing atrium into a winter garden for the cultivation and research of herbs and other short vegetation. Aside from its research purpose, the space will also be used as a living room for the employees, as well as a new presentation area of the institute.

The atrium space is a link between the garden on the ground floor and the kitchen on the second floor. The vertical connection is achieved with a ramp – gallery, through which the space of the atrium is maximally used in its vertical dimension. The ground floor of the atrium is organized as an ortogonal winter garden with a small living area. The entrance is on one of the lateral sides of the atrium, and the beginning of the ramp is located diagonally from the entrance, thus creating a certain fluidity of the space. The gallery ascends laterally to the height of the first floor, where it is connected to the kitchen. It is designed organically, to soften the rough ortogonal feeling of the space. Along the edge of the gallery there is more space for cultivating herbs.

The winter garden is closed with a glass roof with a favorable angle of the sun, to ensure a controlled climate. The space closed off with glass is offset of the northern and southern facade of the building because of the windows of the offices. The whole space is designed to be used optimally as a winter garden, while becoming a visually atractive presentational area of the institute.