Studio Obris


2012/2013 – Preliminary Study

Private Investor

The Centar Kaptol shopping mall is a place of synthesis of retail trade, catering, personal services, entertainment, and residential and business units, and its functions bring it close to the concept of public city space. Short-term and long-term modifications, in terms of opening of the space, movement in the mall and through the mall, forming of functional units and recognizing the aspect of maturing of the space and the requirements of the modern society, achieved added value of the space and of the offer with an aim of forming a leading “city shopping mall” in the centre of the city.

The subject of a preliminary architectural study was to recognize problematic points in the mall and to design, through conceptual analyses, a new leisure area on the first floor in several variances, with the communication with the outside. Opening some parts in the interior and allowing the light to come in created an attractive space which brings a sense of relaxation and pleasure during the stay in the building. On the other hand, adding annexes and new attractions on the outside create a connection to the future space of neighboring shopping mall called Cascade and allow a new entrance with the focus into the space of the shopping mall.

Final selection of variant solutions was a result of creating three different extents of intervention and interpretation of the space.