Reconstruction of the old sawmill building to the Visitors Center in Kamačnik
– 2016/2017, concept, main and detailed design

– City of Vrbovsko

– 600,00 BPA

Project leader and architecture author:
– Lovorka Kaić Matešić, M.Arch.
Authors of the concept:
– Ana Marija Unković, M.Arch.
– Kaja Šprljan Bušić, M.Prosp.Arch.
– Mirna Javorović Pehar, M.Arch.
– Dora Penzar, M.Arch.
– Katja Vasiljević-Jeromela, M.Arch.

The site of the Visitor Center building is at the entrance of the protected landscape Kamačnik, at the site of stone wall remains of an old sawmill near the stream Kamačnik.

The new building is planned as a museum with an educational purpose. It consists of 2 elements linked with a connecting structure, stretching along the reconstructed old stone wall.
The first, northern building houses a multimedial exhibitional museum space that partially extends from the ground floor to the first floor. On the first floor there is also a flexible educational area.
The connecting structure is a glass coated gallery elevated above the stream, in which the interior and exterior are fully permeating, as glazed surfaces on the façade, floor and roof are alternated in an irregular rhythm.
The southern volume is a ground floor building designed as a multifunctional hall for holding concerts, performances and cinema projections. Through the sliding glass wall the hall interacts with the exterior of the square, which is circled with bleachers woven into the existing rock.

The exterior spaces will be treated with materials native to the protected environment and they are an important element; from the design of the existing wooden structures which will be given a new educational purpose for children, to the wooden elements present in different funtcional areas, seating spaces, pavement etc.
The motion through the Visitor Center is circular, reminding of the movement of the stream, and encouraging the visitors to explore the natural landscape intertwining with the structure.