2012 – Preliminary Architectural Design

– HOTEL P=19.800,00 m2 GBA
– 18 VILLAS P=4.320,00 m2 GBA
– RESTAURANT P=926,00 m2 GBA



The Plitvice hotel complex is located in the Drežničko selište-Čatrnja tourist zone, 10 km north of the main entrance to the Plitvice Lakes National Park. The hotel building with 18 villas and a separate restaurant building is formed on approximately 4.4 hectares of a very difficult and steep site, with an altitude difference of up to 20 meters.

The design of the hotel building adjusts itself to the surroundings in order to maximize the advantages of natural landscape. Two zones of use are formed – a public part towards the access road (access square, terrace of the restaurant and parking area) and a private part towards the green and recreation zone (“hotel courtyard”). The hotel consists of a lower, public space with common public facilities and a higher, more intimate space with accomodation units.

Along with 206 accommodation units, the hotel features a restaurant, a conference centre with a seating capacity of approximately 400 people, a wellness area with a pool, around 10 saunas and other facilities, and a number of outdoor sports grounds on the terraces surrounding the hotel.

The villas in the complex are organised in two groups: the south complex has fifteen type 1 villas, each with eight accommodation units (rooms), while three type 2 villas, each with six accommodation units (apartments), are located in the east part of the complex with a representative view of the valley. The villas have an additional 138 accommodation units.

A detached building, which hosts the national cuisine restaurant with a sitting capacity of ca 150 people, adjoins the common access square of the hotel and functions as an independent facility.