Studio Obris


Studio obris is an architectural studio based in Zagreb, established in 2009. Our services include development of complete architectural project documents, technical support in obtaining all required permits, including the legalization of illegal construction, design on immovable cultural assets, and supervision of buildings during all stages of construction. We make 3D visualisations of all of the projects to give customers a realistic picture of what the end product will look like once the project is finished. In project design, we strive for an individual approach to each project regardless of the amount or scale of an investment.
We pay special attention to achieve energy efficient building designs by including renewable energy solutions in our projects. It is an important part from the beginning of the project, as well as in later exploitation of the building.
As a team of qualified EU project managers, we can also provide expert services in the design and implementation of EU-subsidised projects. We deliver a variety of consulting services to guide our customers in the development of projects, assisting them in the selection of appropriate investments or in applying for funding from various funds.
We are used to working long hours while still maintaining the efficiency and achieving the set goals. As a team we readily take on responsibility and are a reliable partner with the expertise to turn your ideas into reality.


architecture, urban planning, interior, design, 3D visualisation, design on immovable cultural assets, legalization of illegal construction, energy refurbishment of buildings, architectural supervision, preliminary studies – basis for investment feasibility study;
consulting services and technical assistance in drafting project applications for EU funding, consulting services to assist in successful implementation of projects, keeping track of current tenders.


Lovorka Kaić Matešić, M.Arch., licensed architect since 2005, graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb in 2001, with a thesis on “The Revitalisation of a Lower Town Block in Zagreb – Student Dormitory”. During the studies, participated in various architectural workshops and in 1999 was granted an international scholarship under the Central European Exchange Program for University Studies (CEEPUS) for the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana.
Participated in a number of architectural competitions and won several first prizes.


Lovorka Kaić Matešić, M.Arch.; Mirna Javorović Pehar, M.Arch.; Dora Penzar, M.Arch.